The court ordered the cancellation of Gustavo Lima's show in Bahia

The court ordered the cancellation of Gustavo Lima's show in Bahia

For a fee of R$1.3 million, the singer will perform in the city of Campo Alegre de Lourdes, which is experiencing financial problems.

On Friday (February 2, 2024), a Bahia court ordered the cancellation of a million-dollar concert by singer Gustavo Lima in the municipality of Campo Alegre de Lourdes, in the north of the state. The show was scheduled to take place on February 9, the feast day of the city’s patron saint.

The legal action was brought by the MP-BA (Public Ministry of Bahia). According to the organization, the R$1.3 million fee to be paid to the artist represents more than the entire budget of the municipal Ministry of Culture in 2023 and 2024.Moreover, the festival expresses public spending that is not commensurate with the municipality’s priorities.“, advertiser -Read the complete From the memorandum (PDF – 178 KB).

The MP also said that Campo Alegre de Lourdes, which declared a state of emergency in September 2023, faces serious financial and structural problems.

The judge classified the decision as “High cost of display” like “Disastrous considering the financial capacity and budget of the municipalityThe city council was prevented from passing any money to the Balada Eventos e Produções, which represents the artist.

by Social mediaThe Campo Alegre de Lourdes City Hall has informed that Gustavo Lima's show has been cancelled.

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