The controversial RBD show that stopped Quiet Town in SC

The controversial RBD show that stopped Quiet Town in SC

Mexican group RBD continues their marathon of shows in Brazil this week, with their Soy Rebelde Reunion Tour. This time, they performed in Rio de Janeiro last week, and will be performing in Sao Paulo until Sunday (19).

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But 16 years ago, they landed in a small town that now has a population of 7,000. Melero, located south of Santa Catarina, was the first city in the state to host a show by the phenom band in the 2000s.

That was in 2007, the band’s last stretch, as they announced their hiatus in 2008, which lasted until January of this year. The group announced their shows in Florianópolis, at the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, but at that time, it was not possible to rent the venue because it would host a match on the same day. It was moved to Criciúma, but technical difficulties in assembling the on-site theatre, scenery, light and sound made the location change again.

The city chosen was Melero, also located in the south of the state. According to the 2022 census, the city’s population now stands at 7,000 people. Taerini Fernandez Marcelino, now 27 years old, was present at this screening. The change of city was her luck, because, despite being a fan, she could not go to Florianópolis.

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The hours leading up to the show were filled with anxiety. When Tirini was 10 years old, he couldn’t even sleep the night before. I wanted to go early and catch a fence to be close to Mexicans Anahi, Dulce Maria, Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera (who did not return for the 2023 Tour), Christopher von Ockermann, Maite Pironi and Christian Chavez.

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— These are memories that I still have in my memory and something I want to keep for the rest of my life, because it was very special — he says.

Early morning in line

Tirini and her mother left their home in Criciuma at 4 a.m., heading to Melero, all in an attempt to get closer to the stage. The outfit chosen for the day is similar to the band’s uniform: denim skirt, white shirt and red tie.

— I was so happy, I bought a little sign that said Eu Amo RBD. I still have the tickets and banner to this day. When I got there, I saw a lot of people I knew, a lot of friends, I met people, I made friends.

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Leaving home in the early hours of the morning worked well: they managed to stay at the beginning of the box office, and space constraints meant they eventually got a VIP bracelet, in an area closer to the stage.

-At that moment, I saw that what I was experiencing was real. I was face to face with them, I made a dream come true, and it was very special for me. It’s something I’ll never forget in my life, and whenever I talk about it I get very emotional, because it wasn’t just a show.

The fan revisits the group after 16 years

Renan Bettencourt Favaro is 29 years old and was able to see the band again after the show at Melero. This year, he was present at the exhibition in São Paulo, in Morumbi, on Monday (13). He has been a fan of the band since 2004, and thanks to the show at Melero, he was able to see the band up close: he was on the VIP dance floor, around the catwalk, part of the stage structure.

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After the show started, I was overcome with emotion. I shed many tears that day, but they were tears of joy. “I knew all the letters on the tip of my tongue, and seeing my favorite artist up close was a dream come true.”

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Until then, the dream had been supported by a collection of band items: CDs, DVDs, posters and poster albums (which they have kept to this day). Renan was part of an RBD cover band with his schoolmates. They trained on weekends and performed in competitions.

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