The consortium Iveco – Oto Melara signs a contract for the Italian Army VBM Plus – Air and Naval Defense

The Iveco – Oto Melara Consortium (CIO) announced the signing of a contract for the supply of fourteen VBMs, twenty-six VBMs to the command post (13 in the tactical unit version and 13 in the command unit version), along with six “10” vehicles. x 10″ Rescue and Rescue.

Signed on December 30, 2021, at Segretariato genale della difesa (Segredifesa), the contract forms part of the continuing supply (“Phase 2”) of the Medium Armored Vehicle (MAV) to Seconda Brigata Media dell’Esercito Italiano, and includes an upgrade to the “PLUS” version For the VBM platform, as well as long-term integrated logistical support for all platforms acquired.

The VBM Combat “PLUS” Edition will include vehicle and turret changes. Changes to the vehicle include an upgrade to the engine’s Common Rail technology, increasing it from 550 hp to 660 hp ready for the future hybrid electric propulsion system and upgrades to the driveline, increasing growth potential by up to 15% over current levels.

As far as the turret is concerned, Leonardo is updating the fire control system, introducing the latest electronics capable of interacting with the new “Janus D” and “Lothar D” digital detection and sighting systems. The contract also includes the supply of a new digital intercom and a fully developed CIS system with four-channel VQ1 SDR radio, as well as the new C2D/N Evo command and control system, both developed by Leonardo.

The new VBM PLUS features the increased mobility, lethality and integrated C4I, allowing the Italian Army to meet future challenges with a truly advanced vehicle, integrated into the network-centric architecture of the digital battlefield. The car will also be equipped with Galileo PRS technology developed in Italy as part of the European Union’s secure satellite navigation system. In specific terms, this means that the VBM will be equipped with a newly developed satellite receiver, the first of its kind capable of receiving secure satellite navigation services from both the US GPS and the European Galileo PRS.

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The Iveco Defense Vehicles (IDV) recovery and rescue vehicle platforms feature 5-axle all-wheel drive, with three steering axles, an FPT Industrial 680 HP Cursor 16 engine and a newly designed cabin that delivers the highest standards of crew protection. These vehicles can lift and move loads of up to 25 tons from a stationary platform and recover broken, damaged or overturned vehicles with a total weight of up to 32 tons.

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