The committee approves the inclusion of brain stimulation therapy at the American University – News

The committee approves the inclusion of brain stimulation therapy at the American University – News

06/10/2024 – 10:42

Mario Agra / House of Representatives

Representative Sylvia Cristina recommended approval of the proposal

The Health Committee approved Bill No. 5376/23, presented by Representative María Rosas (Republicanos-SP), which allows the inclusion of non-surgical neuromodulation (NNI) in the list of procedures of the Unified Health System (SUS). This technique uses electrical or magnetic stimuli, applied superficially, to affect specific areas of the brain.

According to Maria Rosas, neuromodulation has been used in patients with various psychiatric and neurological conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson's disease, depression, schizophrenia, and chronic pain resistant to other treatments.

“Non-surgical neuromodulation is a safe and effective therapeutic alternative in multiple cases, with significant benefits for patients. The SUS, which is the main way to access medical assistance in Brazil, should offer this type of treatment,” says the MP.

The rapporteur, MP Silvia Cristina (PL-RO), stated that one of the NNI methods performed by magnetic stimulation has already been recognized by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) since 2012 for the treatment of unipolar and bipolar depression, auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia and planning For neurosurgery.

It also cited opinions in favor of the use of this technology by speech therapy, physical therapy and nursing entities. “The accreditation of NNI by SUS is in line with international health practices and can contribute to improving clinical outcomes, reducing reliance on more invasive and expensive medications and procedures.”

Next steps
The proposal will remain under analysis Conclusive character By the Finance and Taxation Committees; The constitution, justice and citizenship.

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Report – Thiago Miranda
Editing – Rachel Liberlon

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