The closure of a giant McDonald’s unit in the country

The closure of a giant McDonald’s unit in the country

The worst McDonald’s in the world will close

Hey McDonald’s It is one of the most famous networks in the world, known for having thousands of offices spread all over the world. But today we will talk about the headquarters known for its terrible reputation.

Simply called “the worst McDonald’s in the world,” it piles on a series of complications. In more than 40 years of operation, the organization, located in Ottawa, Canada, has recorded more than 900 fights in recent years, including one involving a raccoon in 2013.

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chains in the world (Image: Disclosure)

Some of these fights spread online, spreading the fast food restaurant’s notoriety far and wide on a global scale.

According to information from the Daily Mail, the fights were constant, and rude customers led to more than 800 calls to the police in 2018 alone, prompting McDonald’s to abandon its 24-hour operating hours. However, even with the time constraints, Ottawa police reported receiving more than 150 calls last year.

However, according to information on the RIC website, the institution will close its doors this year. However, the owner of McDonald’s headquarters confirmed that the decision to close the headquarters was not due to problems, but rather due to declining revenues, as the store was having problems paying rent.

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McDonald's surprised the public (Photo: Disclosure)
McDonald’s surprised the public (Photo: Disclosure)

What is the new accompaniment for MC?

It looks like McDonald’s customers will be getting another side dish, in addition to their famous French fries, when it comes to enjoying one of their favorite snacks from the fast food chain.

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We’re talking about the new side dish the chain is testing around the world: buttered corn. The choice of vegetables as an accompaniment to sandwiches, nuggets and salads promises to be one of the sensations of the coming months.

It is worth noting that it was McDonald’s itself that announced the news via a Facebook post: “We are officially entering the era of buttered corn. Add this as a side dish to a complete meal!”

McDonald's store - Image: Internet
McDonald’s store – Image: Internet

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