The city council begins the dengue spraying operation on Saturday • Marília Notícia

The city council begins the dengue spraying operation on Saturday • Marília Notícia
The famous “fumacê” festival starts this Saturday in Marilia (Photo: Publicity/City Hall)

Marilia City Hall will start the spraying operation against dengue fever on Saturday (10). On the first day, four sites will benefit from the work of environmental monitoring agents. The teams will use insecticides at strategic points in the city, helping expand services to combat Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits dengue fever.

The first action will take place in the Neusa Galetti gym, to improve the safety of revelers against the disease during Carna Marília 2024, scheduled to take place on February 10, 11 and 12. There is another point next to the Hospital da Mulher de da Criança building attached to the Hospital das Clínicas de Marília in the southern area. In addition, two schools in the Castelo Branco neighborhood in the north will also be served.

“Everyone must understand that fog only kills winged mosquitoes, which are already flying. Not paying attention to the cleanliness of our homes and public places will not help, as new mosquitoes will continue to be born that can bite a sick person and continue to transmit the infection,” explained Environmental Control Supervisor Vivian, Martinelli Funai.

Another work of the department is to strengthen 10 agents to visit homes and vacant plots in the neighborhoods of Maraca and Trieste, located near Nobrega, in the northern region, the Marilia region that saw the highest rate of positive dengue cases in 2024. Aedes control services continue on other service fronts in all Around the city. Next week, teams will apply pesticides at 61 strategic points in the city, such as recycling bins, tires, and public transportation parking lots.

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Fogging of other parts of the city using an automatic vehicle-borne pump has already been agreed upon with the São Paulo state government, and it is supposed to spread on the streets in the coming days.

Fighting dengue fever at home

The Mayor of Marilia, Daniel Alonso, posted on social networks a video explaining all the work carried out by the City of Marilia, its municipal departments and municipal employees in this fight against Aedes aegypti.

“People, I came here to deal with a very serious matter: the increase in the number of dengue cases not only in Marilia, but throughout Brazil. I issued a decision to establish an intersectoral committee, working every day to eradicate mosquitoes. We need to rely on “Helping everyone, in cooperation with the families of Marilia. Please open your homes to health personnel, this is very important.”

According to information from the Ministry of Health, only 10 minutes a day is enough to combat dengue fever at home. Simple situations, but they can make a big difference in preventing and eliminating mosquito breeding sites. Ten minutes, depending on each person's living situation, is the time needed to ensure that water tanks are securely closed, to throw sand into plant pots, to ensure that garbage bags are securely tied, to check gutters, to avoid tires in exposed areas, and to avoid accumulating junk, debris, bottles and utensils. And empty PET vases.

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