The cities of Davy, Isabel and Matthews celebrate the “BBB 24” final with free Wi-Fi and free shows

The cities of Davy, Isabel and Matthews celebrate the “BBB 24” final with free Wi-Fi and free shows

Who will be the champion of “Big Brother Brasil 24”? The Grand Final is on Tuesday 16th of this month, starting at 10:25 pm, on Globo Channel. But in the cities of Davi, Isabel and Mateus, the party will start much earlier. Supported by the city councils of Salvador, Manaus, Parintense and Alegrete, the events are set to welcome the public who want to support their favourites, starting at 7pm. The spaces will have large screens for broadcasts and performances by different artists.

Daffy, Isabel and Mateus are the finalists of “Big Brother Brasil 24”

For Davi's fans, the match will be at Arena Brunaica, in Cajazeras, the driver's neighborhood in Salvador. Proven attractions include the Olodum band, Bahian baguadao acts such as O Kanalha, the controversial Oh and O maestro, and the country music of Daniel Vieira. The confined team also promises “surprise attractions.”

Davey will have an official party at the end of “BBB 24” – Photo: Reproduction

“Speak up, people of Calabria. On Tuesday, we will have a big screen for all of you at Arena Pronaica, in Cajazeras, with lots of bands, lots of voting and fun guaranteed. We invite you all to vote and celebrate together at this event with the goal being to make Davi champion.” , as stated in the text published in the official file of the detained person.

Those who support Isabel have two different official addresses in Amazonas: either in Manaus, in Largo de São Sebastião, or in Parientes, in the Pompodromo. The state capital, named “Festa da Cunhä”, will hold performances by Patrick Araújo, Sebastião Junior and Grupo Kpoklos. In the second city there will be Edmundo Uran, Israel Bolin and the Toda de Roda group.

Isabelle will hold an official party at the end of “BBB 24” – Photo: Reproduction

“The 'Festa da Cunhão' is truly the highlight of this Tuesday, the 16th, from 8pm, at the Largo de São Sebastião, in Manaus, and at the Bumbódromo de Parintins. Take a look at the attractions that will be hosting this party. There are no… A way to “stay away from this,” says the text posted on the Amazonas state culture page.

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In Allegrete, home of Gaucho Mateus, the ceremony will take place in Largo, at the Cultural Center. Broadcaster and singer Neto Fagundes will grace the concert, local artists will perform (yet to be announced) and a large screen will be installed. The audience is asked to bring chairs and gourds to drink chimarao together. The mate will be distributed to the house.

Matteus will hold an official party at the end of 'BBB 24' – Photo: Reproduction

“There will be a Matthews, a big screen, fans and lots of votes for Matthews. Bring your chair, your gourd and your thermos of water to participate in this great party! Come with a phone full of battery so we can vote without moderation. We will have free Wi-Fi,” says the official City Hall profile. Allegretti on Instagram.

who will win? Vote in the poll

Daffy, Isabelle and Matthews in the final of “BBB 24” – Photo: Reproduction

Official vote now Open on Gshow website. The poll on EXTRA, while not officially valid, does give a measure of who will sleep like a millionaire after next Tuesday night. Click below and enjoy:

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