The Central Bank issues an alert with 3 warnings about the presence of additional cash and withdrawals

The Central Bank issues an alert with 3 warnings about the presence of additional cash and withdrawals

Central Bank: The ad appears as a gift to users

The Central Bank made an announcement that delighted the hearts of Brazilian citizens, announcing 3 warnings of additional funds, and a statement of the result of pix and withdrawal for millions.

The first alert deals with forgotten amounts, already totaling R$7.5 billion, which were made available because customers should have withdrawn, but did not intend to receive them.

The good news is that the Central Bank has created a system to facilitate access to values, and make information public, through the Values ​​Receivables System.

In addition to individuals, legal entities (company/CNPJ) and heirs of those who have already died can also consult, providing the possibility of transferring the amount via PIX, and access to the central bank system.

Central Bank – Image: Reproduction
Central Bank - Photo: Reproduction
Central Bank – Image: Reproduction

In short, for this additional income to flow directly into your account, you just need to access the system created by the Central Bank and enter your registration number and date of birth.


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Another statement from the Central Bank warns of one of the most common scams today, fake e-commerce payment through PIX, in which malicious people create product pages in online stores with discounts much higher than usual. .

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When making payment using PIX, on the fake website, the customer does not receive the product and keeps losing money, which cannot be repaid, resulting in financial loss.

What are Bolsa Familia's communication channels?

  • Phone 121 from MDS – Bolsa Família is telephoned from Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The electronic service operates daily, 24 hours a day;
  • In the Contact us from the website You can also find a link to register your application using the online form,
  • Phone 111the citizen service channel of Caixa Econômica Federal containing information about benefit withdrawals;
  • Bolsa Familia Application: A digital channel through which you can view information about your benefits, such as the monthly value, registration status, and payment history of your benefits.

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