The calendar is issued by the government

The calendar is issued by the government

The Federal Government has already announced the anniversary withdrawal of the Fund for Time in Service (FGTS) for this year. For those who do not know, a portion of the amount deposited by the employer in the month of the worker’s birth can be withdrawn.

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Birthday Withdrawal allows a percentage of the available FGTS balance to be withdrawn at least once a year, specifically in the month of birth.

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New FGTS Birthday Withdrawal Rule May Affect Thousands of Beneficiaries (Reproduction/Online)

Usually the full value of FGTS is released to workers who are dismissed without just cause, but to help Brazilians, this system has been implemented as an alternative that benefits and assists employees.

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It turns out that if you normally make a withdrawal at Christmas and are dismissed without good cause, you may be prevented from withdrawing in full, that year, the amount deposited in the escrow fund, according to government rules.

Specifically, the FGTS is essentially a Caixa Econômica Federal account where, under the CLT system, the worker receives a percentage of his salary, previously established by law, deducted and deposited by the employer (company).

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The government has announced FGTS anniversary withdrawal dates (Image: Reproduction/Internet)
The government has announced FGTS anniversary withdrawal dates (Image: Reproduction/Internet)

There is news that the Department of Labor may make excellent changes to the FGTS, as we know it, for 2024, with the possibility of full withdrawal of the Guarantee Fund balance for workers who choose to withdraw for Christmas, i.e. without limitation of the severance penalty.

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What does the Christmas draw calendar look like?

  • January births: from January 2 to March 29;

  • February births: February 1 and April 30;

  • Born in March: from March 1 to May 31;

  • Born in April: from April 1 to June 28;

  • Born in May: from May 2 to July 31;

  • Born in June: from June 3 to August 30;

  • Born in July: from July 1 to September 30;

  • Born in August: from August 1 to October 31;

  • Born in September: from September 2 to November 30;

  • Born in October: from October 1 to December 29;

  • Born in November: November 1 to January 31, 2025;

  • December births: December 2 to February 28, 2025.

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