The British Navy tests a jet pack and releases a surprising video

A video posted by Gravity Industries, an English company that specializes in aviation technology, reveals an ongoing exercise called Operation Maritime Shipping. In it, it is possible to notice that instead of performing complex maneuvers, a Royal Navy (member of the British Marines) approaches his destination with a jet pack, which is worthy equipment. Science Fiction.

Without it, it would be necessary to attach a ramp or ladder to the target, attach one vehicle to another and expose mission participants to various dangers, or even use a helicopter and ropes so people can land, in both slow and weak roads. . That is, the novelty has the ability to facilitate movements in general Complex.

“The aircraft package is able to provide extremely fast access to any part of the target vessel, and the firing of hands is immediate [de quem a veste] With the purpose [que possa] Using a weapon and even preserving the individual’s ability to move or self-filter, “the company said in a press release.

In addition to sea freight

Not only in combat is what the jet can do Make the difference. According to Gravity Industries, the suit had already been tested by paramedics in remote areas of the European country and allowed professionals to reach hard-to-reach places in a fraction of the time required by alternatives such as a car or transit on foot.

“The product is increasingly being seen as a revolution in the tactical capabilities of many Special Forces and has a much broader application beyond sea shipping,” the company says. While Other companies They are also dedicated to providing their solutions, scenes that were previously restricted to movies and games could soon become a part of our daily life.

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