The bride adjusts her own wedding dress so that the blind groom can ‘see’ | Look how cute it is

Kelly Ann Ferraro prepared a surprise for her fiance Anthony on their wedding day. She made a dress with different types of fabric and plaid designs that a blind person could feel.

The bride looked for a sustainable dress shop made from recycled materials. When he tried one with velvet, spiked flowers, and various kinds of fabric, he began to cry: He was dressed perfectly.

Kelly’s dress was embellished with velvet flowers, a plaid and various types of fabric – Photo: Press Release/David Gannon Photography

While walking to the altar, Kelly couldn’t hold back her excitement. In Anthony’s ear, I whispered, “Touch the dress.” It was the groom’s turn to cry. “It was as if I could see her,” he told US television.

First date with a surprise

Kelly and Anthony met in 2017 at a bar with mutual friends. “Anthony didn’t have a wand and nobody was guiding him that night,” Kelly said. “So I asked for help and it was offered to him.”

Anthony can see the light outdoors, but he can’t see indoors.

So I offered to help him during the group meeting. “I thought this girl was cool,” he said.

They had their first date a month later. Anthony Kelly invited to the premiere of the documentary “A Shot in the Dark”, which tells his story as a blind athlete. Tony coaches wrestling and is part of the United States Paralympic judo team.

At this meeting, Kelly had already prepared a surprise. She bought a velvet dress, which is nice to feel. This gesture surprised Anthony. “Nobody I’ve dated before has been so keen,” he said. After that day, they started dating.

Anthony travels a lot to participate in competitions. Kelly became his companion. “My life changed after that. I traveled and couldn’t see. So I described landscapes and my eyes became on the world.”

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