The Brazilian Open Paralympic Games closes the first list of entries with 125 participants

The Brazilian Open Paralympic Games closes the first list of entries with 125 participants

The first registration list for the Brazilian Paralympic Open has been closed. The tournament, which will take place between October 7 and 9, will, according to the opening roster, bring together 125 participants, 72 athletes, 31 female players, and 22 technicians and staff. The event will take place at the Brazilian Paralympic Training Center in São Paulo-SP.

The tournament will be a factor of 20 and will feature athletes from 12 different countries. So far, the entry list includes competitors from Argentina, the Netherlands, Peru, France, the United Kingdom, Panama, Canada, Colombia, the United States, Chile and Ecuador, as well as Brazil itself.

Among the list, 69 are members of the Brazilian delegation. In all, there will be 45 athletes from the country in the men’s competitions and 20 in the women’s competitions, accompanied by four components of the Technical Committee.

All 125 applicants will have until September 6th to confirm their participation. In addition, states have a deadline of up to one month before the event begins to submit the nominal list. The final list with the number and names of athletes confirmed for the Brazil Paralympic Open will be released at the end of September, on the 30th.

It will be the only tournament to be held on the international Paralympic calendar in October. For the Fator 20 event, Brazil is going with the expectation of good results as it saw its players shine in another international competition of the same category in July, the Tango Cup, a tournament that left the country with 33 medals.

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