The Brazilian is wanted after he disappeared on a beach in Portugal 6 days ago

The Brazilian is wanted after he disappeared on a beach in Portugal 6 days ago

A surfer was able to rescue Elias's friend, who is also 26 years old from Brazil, and he was taken to the hospital. There is no information about his health condition.

Duffy stated that the rescue teams took some time to operate the boat during the rescue operation. A rescuer injured his foot after falling into the sea due to the force of the water. Searches were carried out on Saturday until 11pm (local time). Local newspaper Regio de Leiria reported that the teams tried on Monday (15) to find the Brazilian with a reduced team.

The Brazilian was not found until Friday (19). He has no relationship at the moment and has a 4-year-old son who lives in Brazil. The Brazilian plans to travel to the country in June to see the boy.

“A tragedy in our family,” Davey announced. The brother said he trusted God to at least find Elijah's body for burial.

Elias and his family live about 40 kilometers from the beach. Elias' entire family has been living in the Fátima region of Portugal for three years. They moved to the country in search of better living conditions. They are from Santa Fe do Sul, a city 626 km away from the capital, São Paulo.

The report is trying to contact the Portuguese National Maritime Authority to find out if the search for Elias is continuing. The text will be updated once you respond.

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