The Brazilian Cup final will be an anti-racism campaign

The Brazilian Cup final will be an anti-racism campaign

Before the ball kicks in the Brazilian Cup final, which will be held between Flamengo and São Paulo, on Sunday (24), the fans at the Morumbi Stadium and those who will be following the match on television will focus their attention on the election campaign. To confront racism in football stadiums. It was named after There is no game with racismThe measure will establish a reporting channel to combat racism in the sports scene.

Campaign against racism in football

The federal government will use the appearance of the Brazilian Cup final to promote a campaign against racism – Ministry of Human Rights/Disclosure

Ministers Silvio Almeida (Human Rights and Citizenship), Aniel Franco (Racial Equality) and Andrej Vuvouka (Sports) will attend the event. On this occasion, an inflatable balloon will be displayed from Dial 100 – Dial Human Rights, a channel through which residents can report human rights violations, including racism during football matches.

In the center of Morumbi Stadium, ministers will also distribute T-shirts to players with a message against racism. The campaign is part of the federal government’s measures to combat racism.

“The federal government is committed to strengthening measures to curb and suppress acts of intolerance, discrimination and racial bias in sports arenas in Brazil and abroad,” the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship said in a statement.

The file also mentions incidents of racism in Spain, which involved the player Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid striker, who was called up to the Brazilian national team. In May, Vinicius Junior was again the target of racism during his team’s match against Valencia.

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In the episode, Valencia fans called Vinicius a monkey from the moment the bus arrived at the stadium. This behavior was repeated throughout the match, causing the match to stop when the striker pointed out the fans who were imitating sounds and making monkey gestures.

In response, the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship and the Ministry of Racial Equality, in cooperation with other departments, issued a memorandum calling on the government and sports authorities in Spain to take measures to punish the perpetrators of the acts and avoid their recurrence.

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