The boy who disappeared while on vacation was found after six years on a mountain in France – The World

The boy who disappeared while on vacation was found after six years on a mountain in France – The World

One The British boy who disappeared At the age of 11, while on vacation in Spain, he was found on Wednesday (13) on a mountain in France. alex patty, Currently 17 years old, he revealed that he was Taken by his mother and grandfather To live in a “Alternative society” Which changes the site periodically.

He was walking in the Pyrenees, in the rain, with a backpack and a skateboard, when student and delivery man Fabian Oxedini spotted him and offered him a ride. according to BBCThe boy told the story during a three-hour car ride and was convinced to call the authorities.

Alex was taken to the police station in Revel, southern France. He informed the agents of his identity, and the authorities confirmed this with the UK embassy.

In an interview with the French newspaper Le DepecheThe young man who found Alex said he seemed calm, but initially tried to hide his name. He appeared to be in good health, stated that he had never been abused and just wanted to return to his grandmother in Oldham, UK.

“He said he lived in a itinerant community. He was not under any coercion, but he said he thought his mother was a bit strange and decided he didn’t want that kind of life, that he wanted to define his own identity.” “Your own way,” said the young student.

According to Fabian, Alex said so He even saw him in a luxury house in Spain with 10 other people. The group moved to France in 2021, and last weekend he decided to leave them.

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Grandma is afraid of kidnapping

Grandmother and legal guardian Susan Caruana informed the sun Who has already spoken to his grandson and is “so happy he’s okay.” At the time of his disappearance, she said Alex’s mother, Melanie Batty, and grandfather, David Batty, didn’t like him going to school and were always talking about looking for him. Alternative lifestyles.

Susan believed her daughter and ex-husband had taken Alex to a spiritual community in Morocco, where they had previously lived.

On the day they were due to return from Spain in 2017, Susan said she received a video in which Melanie, David and Alex explained they were not coming back and were “happy”. The grandmother was worried, and since then, she has been waiting for news of her grandson.

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