The bear gets trapped inside a car and the man has to open the door for him

A Tennessee man who was on vacation with his friends in Gatlinburg (USA) had to hunt a bear out of his car earlier this month after it crashed into the car and caused extensive damage. The dangerous situation ended without anyone being hurt.

Joseph Dale, who can be seen opening his car door in a video taken with a friend’s phone, on July 10, told the news site Storyfull that the furry intruder still returned later that day with another bear.

“It was a female,” Dale said. “I tried to get back in my car.” “I had to leave our cabin and scream and throw things at them. Then the two bears got out of the car and ran away.”

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Despite the fear, the bears showed no intention of attacking the group. However, damage to Dell’s car caused him to break down while returning to his home in Johnson City, Tennessee.

“I had to abandon the car,” he said. “It took the insurance two days to arrange a tow truck. At the time, thieves broke into my car through the rear window and stole the catalytic converter, battery and exhaust manifold. The insurance recorded what happened to my car as a total loss.”

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