The author of the series “Mila” notified Zampelli of the video in which Netinho sings in the work of the Polsonarista.

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Composer Manu JoyceSongwriterMilesSend an extrajudicial notification to the Federal Prosecutor Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) Remove the video you made Little grandson He appeared singing “Mela” in the pro-Bolsonaro acting on Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, on Saturday (1). The information from the G1.

“I cannot prevent anyone from singing a song for me. The author explained to G1 that what the author has the right to do is prevent linking this song to a type of disclosure that he does not agree with.”

Nobody (2), Goss had criticized Nettinho for singing “Mela” at the demonstration. “Nettinho sang yesterday a flair for acting when the whites, in Paulista, shouted“ I agree ”to Bolsonaro. So what? Military coup? So, I don’t allow this weak mindset to sing my music,” wrote the composer.

According to Carla Zambelli, she is analyzing the notice with her attorney and is “thinking” of the case due to the composer’s Twitter post. “I think twice about taking this video and thinking honestly, about the quotes,“ Go to your dick. ”Because the way he handled Netinho bothered me so much,” said the G1 vice.

According to G1, Netinho declined to comment on the issue.

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