The author of Save Yourself Who Can tells how he chose the series’ pairing endings and reveals the tension behind the scenes

Daniel Ortiz, author of Save Yourself Who You Can, which ends Friday, 16, explains the criteria used to decide the results of protagonist Kira (Vitoria Strada) – split between Rafael (Bruno Ferrari), Alan (Tiago Fragoso) – and Luna (Juliana Paiva) The two who need to decide whether to stay with Teo (Felipe Simas) or Alejandro (Rodrigo Simas) will be a standard that matches the story. And I also need to think about whether the choice will generate emotion for the audience,” he says.

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Despite having two suitors, Alexia (Deborah Secco) has only recorded one finale and it will be with Zizinho (Joao Baldeserini). The author says that he usually follows the fallout and the cheers for couples in TV series on networks. He points out that the web acts as a thermometer for a portion of the audience. “I’m happy with the fans, the engagement, and the fans. And I take that into account. But I can’t believe the networks represent all of our viewers.”

Alexia (Deborah Secco), Luna (Juliana Paiva), and Kyra (Vitória Strada) Photo: Rede Globo / Divulgação

Ortiz ends the seven o’clock series with a sense of relief and pride. “This second season was taped during the pandemic. We produced the new scenes with many restrictions…not only the script, but we also had to follow safety protocols. Everything I could have imagined I had to do differently. I was relieved that it worked even with all the problems.” The actors leave (José Condesa, Juan, who had other professional commitments; and Sabrina Petraglia, Michaela, who got pregnant before the recordings returned.) But in the end the result was good, right? The audience didn’t realize these limitations we faced. It was really complicated. I practically ditched 40 chapters and started from scratch with scenes with a few characters per script, and almost no actors over 60. I had to replace the older ones with others. It was a rush. We did everything in the dynasty and it worked.”

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The tension behind the scenes was so great that the author gained nine kilograms during the period when he had to rewrite history: “I’ve already lost about seven kilograms. I wouldn’t say it was the hardest novel, but it was very tense because I had to change the script. The world was also tense. , and everything was still. He joined the tension of the series with the tension of the pandemic. So I ended up eating,” he admits.

Or author Daniel Ortiz
Author Daniel Ortiz Photo: Victor Pollack / Rede Globo / Divulgação

At the moment, Ortiz is already developing a new telenovela for the seventh hour. As he evaluates his current work, he says he loved telling the story of three different women who were forced to live together. “There is a beautiful friendship between them,” he said, before pointing out where he failed: “I will highlight one mistake of mine. I wrote great chapters. I had to cut three scenes from the last chapter, which were great, but they weren’t appropriate because they would be Too long other than that.”

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