The association criticizes the character's transformation into a trans woman in the Globo series

The association criticizes the character's transformation into a trans woman in the Globo series

at recent days, Abry (Brazilian Intersex Association) reported that the character Bubba, a member of the series' crew Rebornfrom Globo, having stopped being intersex to become a trans woman in the remake of the production, has made a “traumatic impact” on the intersex community.

The association's president, Thaïs Emilia de Campos, spoke in an interview with CNN about the community's negative reaction to the news of the change in the series.

“Intersex people feel erased. The people producing the show, in changing the character, may not have realized how much of a traumatic impact it would have on intersex people.

Thais to CNN.

The series is written by Benedetto Rui Barbosa, and the first edition of the television drama dates back to 1993. In this version, Bubba was an intersex person – called a hermaphrodite at the time.

The world of trans women
Actress Gabriela Medeiros played the role of Bubba in the new version of the TV series | Photo: Rede Globo/Reproduction

Being a trans woman on Globo TV draws criticism

However, in the 2024 remake, with the text written by Pedro Loberi, Bubba is no longer presented as intersex (or hermaphrodite), but as a transgender woman. According to Appray, Bubba's character was the only intersex character ever to appear on television, and was therefore world-famous and a representation of the issue.

“Bubba has always been the reference character in the television series that has run for over 30 years. Many doctors have used the Bubba character to explain to families what it is to be an intersex person.

Thai Emilia.

The association’s president also says, “Many felt as if their identities were lost.” “There are actually other trans characters, but the only intersex character that was in any TV series, and even known around the world, was Bubba.”

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“The shifting agenda is important. But you don't need to fight one battle by erasing another. Let's fight together. “After all, there are a lot of people who are transgender and intersex,” the Thais said.

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The association's president also stated that she believes it is “absolutely possible” to play a trans and intersex character. “On the Abri board, almost everyone is transgender and intersex. This would highlight both reasons, he added.

It was the creator of the new version of the series, Bruno Leberi, who decided to change. He believes that the issue of transgenderism is more visible today and is therefore better understood by viewers.

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