The artist receives 450,000 Brazilian reais from the museum and submits a blank canvas

attributed to him, Reuters

Illustrative image,

Work title “Take the money and run”

A Danish museum wants the artist to return about 534,000 crowns (450,000 Brazilian reais) he received in cash to re-create ancient artwork using banknotes. Despite the commission, he produced whiteboards called “Take the Money and Run”.

Danish artist Jens Henning received the commissioning from the Konsten Museum. He was invited to reproduce two of his works representing the annual salary in Denmark and Austria.

After the artist put the money in his pocket and produced the blank canvases, the museum’s reaction so far has been mixed.

“He messed with my curation team and messed with me a bit too, but I also had to laugh because it was so funny,” Lacy Anderson, director of the museum in Aalborg, told BBC News.

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