The Argentine government suspends public radio and television websites and social networks

The Argentine government suspends public radio and television websites and social networks

The Argentine government has decided to suspend social media accounts and state media websites as part of a “reorganization” process.

President of Argentina Javier Miley

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Government Argentina He announced this Tuesday, 21, that he will Suspending social media accounts and government media websites. The administration stated in the statement that this measure is part of a process “reorganization” Which aims to “optimize the content created.” The position is seen as “Censorship” By the Buenos Aires Press Association.

The suspension applies to public television, national radio, broadcasters in the interior of the country, the educational channel Encuentro and the children's channel Paka Paka, as well as the radio stations FM Clásica, FM Rock and FM Folclórica. The government also stressed that “disclosure standards on social networks will be unified and digital communications will resume after the internal reorganization of companies.”

The administration stated in an official statement that the measure is part of a “reorganization process” and is “temporary.”

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According to Argentine media, during this period, the accounts will pass into the hands of the head of digital and corporate media management at Radiotelevisión Argentina (RTA), Agustina Zeballos.

This is not the first action taken by Miley's government against public media. In March, the Argentine Public News Agency was closed, after President Javier Miley announced that it would be closed because, he said, it only produced “Kirchnerian” propaganda, in reference to former President Cristina Kirchner.

Press censorship

This measure was not well received by press advocates. The Buenos Aires Press Syndicate (CEPREBA) issued a disclaimer on behalf of public media journalists against the “silencing of social networks in both media” and accused the current government of practicing “censorship and intimidation, which further silences Telam.” Referring to the state agency.

“Senators must defend public media by rejecting its privatization and the Basic Law,” he stressed.

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