The annular solar eclipse can be seen in Brazil; Find out what day it will happen

The annular solar eclipse can be seen in Brazil;  Find out what day it will happen

A partial solar eclipse can be seen across Brazil on October 14. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun, covering the solar disk completely or partially.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when our natural satellite is at the farthest point in its orbit from Earth, forming a kind of bright “ring of fire” around the edge of the Sun.

The event will last for 2 hours and 7 minutes, peaking at 4:51 pm Brasilia time, and ending at 5:50 pm. People in the states of Amazonas, Pará, Tocantins, Maranhão, Piauí, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco will be able to enjoy the annular solar eclipse on October 14. In other Brazilian states, it will be partially visible.

According to astronomer Josina Nascimento, from the National Observatory, a research unit linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, this event is not rare. It usually happens once or twice a year. For example, the last annular solar eclipse occurred in June 2021, but it was not visible in the country.

“We have a feeling that it is a rare phenomenon, because the eclipse can only be seen by those who are in the total or annular range. But in a much larger area of ​​​​the Earth, the eclipse is partially visible.”

Be careful when watching a solar eclipse

The astronomer also issues some warnings for observing the annular solar eclipse. “Under no circumstances should you look directly into the sun, not even with X-ray film, sunglasses or other household items.”

According to Josina Nascimento, exposure, even just for a few seconds, can lead to irreversible damage to the retina. “Do not look directly at the sun except using appropriate solar filters and appropriate telescopes and under the supervision of specialists.”

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Furthermore, it refers to other forms of projection or indirect observation of a solar eclipse. “It is very easy to build a device. You simply use a piece of cardboard, such as the lid of a pizza box, and cut a hole in the middle. “The white paper is placed on the ground and the hole is directed towards the sun, and this phenomenon can be seen quietly on the paper on the ground,” he reveals. .

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