The Airbus A330 suffers severe turbulence and the passengers are taken to hospital

The Airbus A330 suffers severe turbulence and the passengers are taken to hospital

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Some passengers on board an Airbus A330 of Hawaiian Airlines had to be hospitalized after experiencing very violent turbulence during the flight path.

The flight was from Honolulu to Sydney, and the passengers, although they arrived safely at their destination, had to go through moments of stress due to the turbulence. The aircraft in question was evaluated before returning.

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What happened to the passengers?

Some witnesses reported that the plane’s passengers were thrown and hit the roof.

This was due to turbulence, which caught the crew by surprise resulting in passengers being instructed to fasten their seat belts in their seats.

During the flight, several people were not strapped on, causing them to be thrown against the ceiling. The crew tried to control the situation at all times, even in the face of desperation.

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What is the cause of the disorder?

Hawaiian Airbus A330 flight, which took place last Saturday (1), was operating the route from Honolulu to Sydney with 163 passengers and 12 crew on board. The flight takes 5 hours, and during the flight the plane encountered turbulence, which was considered severe and unexpected.

As a result, many passengers and crew members were injured. A doctor present at the time helped treat some of the passengers, especially those complaining of headaches.

Once the passengers arrived in Sydney, they were immediately taken away to be assessed by local medical teams. Of the 12 who were taken, 3 were sent to the hospital.

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The disruption was accompanied by strong winds, which led to the cancellation of several flights on the same day and the closure of one of Sydney’s runways.

Was the plane affected?

Although the turbulence was very severe, the plane emerged unscathed and underwent a full inspection before returning to Honolulu again.

The aircraft was checked to ensure that the turbulence did not affect any part of the aircraft. However, it is important to remember that these turbulences, although violent and unpredictable, do not usually cause damage to aircraft, except in rare cases.

After receiving treatment, the passengers were released without serious injuries.

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Worsening of the disorder

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