The actress will be on air in 3 Globo series

The actress will be on air in 3 Globo series

Starting November 27, the public will be able to tune in Gloria Perez It is broadcast on air in 3 TV Globo series and in 4 different characters. But how is this possible?

Well, this real “Glória Pires multiverse” will be possible thanks to the replays shown by the broadcaster. As everyone knows, currently, the 60-year-old actress is playing this character Erinin Earth and passion. An unprecedented conspiracy of And Sir Carrasco It only expires at the end of January 2024.


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Moreover, Gloria can also be seen in Sand women. In the series we can even follow the actress in double dose as she plays the twins dung that it Raquel. The series was originally shown on TV Globo in 1993. The star at that time was 30 years old.

To complete the “Multiverse of Gloria Pires”, the third series featuring the actress is Tropical paradisewhich originally aired in 2007 and will be re-run Worth watching again From November 27th. In a conspiracy Gilberto BragaThe artist explains Lucia. At the time, Gloria was 44 years old.

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