The actor said in 2018: ‘Bolsonaro is not ready’

The actor said in 2018: ‘Bolsonaro is not ready’

Paulo Gustavo, 42, one of the biggest names in Brazilian cinema and his sense of humor, died yesterday from the Coronavirus.. In addition to being a great artist, he has also been a reference in the LGBTQI + struggle for rights and visibility.

After his death, a number of celebrities and politicians expressed their solidarity with the artist’s family, including the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without a party). However, Bolsonaro and Paulo Gustavo were in opposite directions in terms of worldview.

During the 2018 elections, Paulo Gustavo recorded a series of videos commenting that he would not vote for the candidate at the time due to his views on human rights.

I came to say that I will not vote for Bolsonaro because I support democracy and he is with dictatorship. I think he’s a very aggressive man with women, a homophobic […]Racist, and I think it’s a setback to vote for this guy. Not ready at all to be the president of the republic.

After the remarks, the comedian lost some of his followers on social media and jokingly:

Guys, a group is asking, “Paulo, I said, don’t vote for Bolsonaro, who are you voting for?” You have to look at each candidate’s history and choose the best for Brazil, I just mentioned who I will not vote for. And you, the ones on my page saying “Stop Watching”: Love, you will have three jobs. She followed me, she would stop chasing me and after a little while she would follow me again, because there would be an hour when you would need to laugh and laugh with Bolsonaro? No silliness. You will laugh with me!

In a statement yesterday, Bolsonaro expressed his regret at the death of the actor and “all the victims of this battle against Covid.” In the comments, users pointed to the hypocrisy of the president over his behavior during the outbreak of a pandemic Corona Virus No country.

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Paulo Gustavo, in statements on social networks, also expressed his regret several times about the lack of vaccines for the population and was concerned about the spread of the virus in the country.

Paulo was another victim of covid-19

Paulo has been hospitalized in Rio with the virus since March 13th. The comedian was in critical condition and needed ECMO therapyA type of artificial lung. although, His clinical condition worsened a lot on Monday (3). He had a fistula that caused air to leak out of the lung and resulted in a gas blockage – when blood vessels are blocked by air bubbles.

And in an official note, Paulo Gustavo’s team confirmed the actor’s death yesterday:

At 9:12 pm on Tuesday 05/05, patient Paulo Gustavo Monteiro, a victim of the Coronavirus and its complications, died. In all of his time in the hospital, both the patient, his family and close friends had impeccable behavior, imparting confidence in the medical team and other professionals who participated in his treatment.

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