The 14th SBSS brings together all the links of pig farming in Chapecó – O Presente Rural

The 14th SBSS brings together all the links of pig farming in Chapecó - O Presente Rural

The relevant discussion phase in the sector, the Southern Brazil Swine Breeding Symposium (SBSS), promoted by the Western Core of Veterinarians and Zoologists (Nucleovet), has concluded its 14th edition with the participation of 2,300 people, in Chapeco (SC), one of the most diverse sectors of the chain . Presente Rural is the event’s official newspaper and coverage of three days of programming can be found on our website, in the Pork and Fish section.

On demand, the broadcast was watched by about 28,000 from more than 40 countries, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Netherlands, Finland, Chile, Ireland, Austria and Sweden.

Parallel to the art program, the 13th Brasil Sul Pig Fair brought together more than 50 exhibitors from additives, biosecurity, diagnostics, equipment, genetics, nutrition, vaccines, technology, and more. Another notable space was Granja do Futuro, a place where the public could see the technological and innovative equipment for pig production.

Nucleofite’s president, Lucas Beroca, said the event was a success and reached the desired goals. “We had great lectures and excellent feedback from the audience regarding the entire symposium programme. Today, SBSS is the largest pig breeding event in Latin America and we, as Nucleovet, are proud to be able to mediate this meeting between the big names in the sector, important companies and the public who He comes here to gain knowledge. He stressed that next year we can gather more people with the same purpose, because they are the ones who make the difference and make all this possible.”

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Below are some records for you to check out a little more about what happened in the SBSS 14th table.

Source: Rural Endowment

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