“Tekken 8” surprises players with realistic graphics and new features

“Tekken 8” surprises players with realistic graphics and new features

the address 'Tekken“It is a classic of the fighting genre and many people remember the first releases very fondly.

Even with the passage of time, the series has not lost its quality, and “Tekken 8” has gone all the way to take its place as the best fighting game today, at least in terms of combat.

With highly realistic graphics, focusing on the bodies and clothing of the fighters, the game becomes a beautiful visual spectacle that will surely please the most detailed players.

The animation and cut scenes are also very well done, providing an impactful experience. The soundtrack has been highly praised and has beats that range from aggressive to exciting in seconds.

Although all of these mentioned points are impressive, this will be of no use if the gameplay is not precise.

Thus, there are 32 characters that can be chosen, which is an impressive number if we take into account the diversity of styles and personal stories of each character.

Therefore, those who like variety will love trying to play with many different characters.

Tekken 8 game and gameplay

Kazuya Mishima, the main antagonist of the story and Jin's father – Image: Game On/Reproduction

Namco Production has always prioritized easy and fast action in the series, and this has helped it become popular among many older titles, such as Street Fighter that it Mortal Kombat, For example. “Tekken 8” follows the same line by making it easier to plan strikes and defenses.

The game also rewards players' boldness and aggressiveness through a new mechanic called “Heat”.

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This innovation promotes the use of combos capable of reversing the progress of combat and opens up very few opportunities for failure.

Thanks to the special mode, which can be freely activated or deactivated with the push of a button, even the most amateur players will feel like true experts, as they will be able to combine attacks that were previously inaccessible only to those more experienced with the joystick.

Another new feature worth mentioning is the “Mission Arcade” mode, which is fun and allows newcomers to practice before getting to the main combat menu.

“Tekken 8” also has a good learning curve and each fighter has hundreds of techniques, many of which depend on certain specific circumstances.

Such a variety of options makes the game gain greater depth in order to serve an increasingly demanding audience.

After that, it is possible to discover the mode called “Super Ghost Battle”, which basically copies the player's style and reproduces it in replays, allowing him to see what aspects he needs to improve.

Finally, the main plot shows another stage in the journey of the protagonist Jin Kazama in search of defeating his evil father Kazuya Mishima who has seized power. paper By Father Heihachi Mishima, as the main antagonist of the popular series.

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