Teixeira de Freitas City Hall – Bahia

Teixeira de Freitas City Hall – Bahia

The Municipality of Teixeira de Freitas – through the Ministry of Municipal Health and Epidemiological Surveillance (VIEP) and the Endemic Diseases Program – informs that the Municipality of Teixeira de Freitas is on alert (level 2) for the occurrence of arboviruses.

380 cases of these diseases have been reported to VIEP to date, dating from January 1 to February 17, 2024. The number in question is approximately 65% ​​larger than the number of cases reported in the same period in 2023, with a prevalence of chikungunya cases (220 ), followed by dengue (158), and Zika (2). Currently, two deaths that may be related to arboviruses are being investigated. The neighborhoods with the highest prevalence of notifications are: Vila Caraípe, Jardim Caraípe, Bela Vista, Centro, São Lourenço, Jardim Planalto, and Monte Castelo; and the Community of Duque de Caxias.

The Public Administration confirms that a crisis room has already been formed to discuss and implement the action and emergency plan to combat sexually transmitted viruses. Due to the increase in cases, hospitalizations and possible deaths, the Municipality of Teixeira de Freitas (together with the Regional Health Center and the State Department of Health) is demanding an ultra-low volume pesticide distribution vehicle (UBV), popularly known as “Fumacê”, for use in sites with higher Incidence and incidence of cases.

Actions of endemic disease control agents (ACE) are maintained vigorously through visits to homes and areas at risk, as well as in places where there are foci of infection by Aedes aegypti larvae. There is also coordination with the Infrastructure Secretariat to undertake joint efforts to remove debris and potential mosquito breeding sites.

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For the measures to be effective, it is necessary for the citizen of Teixeira to be aware and active regarding arbovirus prevention and appropriate treatment in health units. Learn more by clicking here.

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