Teams work to rescue a whale stuck in the River Thames, London

Teams work to rescue a whale stuck in the River Thames, London

Rescuers are working to free a whale stuck in the River Thames in London, according to the London Port Authority. The whale was spotted around 2 pm (local time) on Sunday (9) in the River Thames, according to CNN Speaking.

The animal is believed to be a small minke whale about three meters long. Marine mammal specialists from British Divers Life Rescue are already working on the site to free the whale.

The experts joined the authorities in the Port of London, the Royal National Lifeboat Foundation and the London firefighters.

Daniel Maggie, who was passing by, recorded several videos of the whale, and said he thought it was a seal.

“We saw a bunch of onlookers standing and looking, and we went after that and saw a seal earlier this year, which is really unusual. So we thought it could be the same seal,” Maggie said. CNN.

“When we got close, we saw a fin, then I realized it was a whale. Some lockers threw water on it with hoses until the tide rose so it could turn around. I realized the whale could get hurt when trying to roll over and struggle.”

Other viewers, like David Corsacks, have said to CNN Who were surprised to see any animal in the area other than the typical birds.

“It was also unbelievable and shocking to see a whale when you normally only see ducks and swans,” Corsacks said. My next thoughts were: I hope everything is fine and that you will soon be able to swim freely.

Another viewer, Sophie Milner, recorded a video as she saw the small crowd that was forming at the scene to observe the scene.

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“We just saw a crowd of people looking at the whale. Some experts were looking after it when we got there.

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