Tata Wernick on Paolo Gustavo’s health: “She’s getting better a lot”

Tata Wernick on Paolo Gustavo's health: "She's getting better a lot"

Tata Wernick and Paolo Gustavo (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Stayed in hospital for more than a month due to complications from Covid-19, Paulo Gustavo It interacts and shows improvements. When responding to Internet users on the social network, Tata WernickHe, who is a personal friend of the artist, said Saturday night (24) that he is “getting better a lot”.

“Paulo is getting better a lot, thanks to God, and it is clear that Jesus is the beloved and the doctors. Thank you for praying, people.

On April 19, in a new medical release issued to the press, he was already talking about the artist’s improvement in health: “Fortunately, there have been no further complications in the past four days. The patient’s clinical condition, although still worrisome, is stable, with Some of the more obvious signs of restored lung function. We also found a good response to small stimuli. There is still a need for maintenance of ECMO, as well as mechanical ventilation, ”the note states.

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