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Takashi Miyagawa, 39, was arrested on suspicion of fraud in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture and allegedly deceived at least 35 women by giving them false promises of marriage. Additionally, Miyagawa invented multiple birthday dates to win gifts from each girlfriend.

According to information from TV Asahi, the Japanese were able to earn more than 5,000 BRL in gifts. For the 47-year-old, he said he celebrated his birthday on February 22. For another 40-year-old, his birthday was July. He even got a third it gave it to him in April. But in reality, he was born on the 13th of November.

After one of the victims discovered he was falling into a hit, Takashi’s plan began to fail. Police began investigating the case after the victim set up a group on the Internet to expose everything he discovered. Since then, 35 more women have joined her.

The fraudster kept numerous fake profiles on dating apps and claimed to be paid well to attract women interested in marriage. In addition to gifts, Takashi also leveraged relationships to sell products from a company for which he worked as a service provider.

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