Tadeo Schmidt responds to Duffy's request and surprises the BBB 24 finalists

Tadeo Schmidt responds to Duffy's request and surprises the BBB 24 finalists

Tadeo Schmidt announced in the program on Monday (15) a surprise for the finalist trio BP24. After Davey commented that he would like to use a Defined look in the finalSo the broadcaster decided to fulfill his brother's request and expand it to include all the finalists.

“There's another gift for you, each one of them will get their final appearance,” Taddeo warned, and the three celebrated big.

Also on Monday's show, the three answered the same question: “What's the most important thing you'll take away from BBB 24?”

Duffy replied: “I will benefit from the learning and experience of living with 26 people with different personalities, during the 100 days of the programme. I'll take the accomplishments, everything that happened here. This was the beginning, the beginning of a future career, and great achievements as well, and this is where I was able to obtain my university degree and fulfill my childhood dream.

Then Isabelle. “Definitely, the opportunity to be here. I am very grateful. Thank you very much, TV Globo production, and I think my life has really changed. I am here for myself and my family, but also to bring a little bit of my culture and my people, and this opportunity is very rewarding. My tears are Of passion and joy.

Finally, Matthews answered the broadcaster's question. “I think it's self-knowledge. I've lived stories I never imagined I'd live, I've never been this far from my family. Going through everything we've been through here, with completely different people, completely different cultures, and even making decisions to deal with people's dreams, I've learned Lots of them all.

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