System Selection | UK competes with Google in user tracking technology

The UK Competition and Markets Commission will collaborate with CMA Google on the development and development of Chrome’s tracking technology. Under the terms of the agreement, the CMA will accept the legal obligations adopted by Google, and instead receive a voice in the preparation of a solution aimed at maintaining the privacy of users, while providing relevant information to advertisers.

Google announced the privacy sandbox plans in January, after which the CMA announced a formal investigation into the practice. The technology company proposed to replace cookies that monitor browsing habits with an artificial intelligence model, which calculates personal profiles and merges them anonymously, giving advertisers the opportunity to create targeted advertising campaigns.

CMA’s Andrea Kozelli explains, “The emergence of technology companies such as Google presents new challenges that require a new approach to competition regulators around the world.” On the other hand, Oliver Bethel, Google’s competitive leader for the EMEA region, said, “We welcome the opportunity to deal with a regulator with a mandate to promote competition for the benefit of consumers. Defender.

Among the obligations Google has made, its own products will have no advantage over other advertisers, Chrome’s browsing history will not be used for targeted ads, and CMA will be warned in advance from the company’s plans 60 days before the third party cookies are permanently banned.

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