Surprising news regarding Caixa and Banco do Brasil; Check it now

Surprising news regarding Caixa and Banco do Brasil;  Check it now

Caixa Econômica Federal, in collaboration with Banco do Brasil, has taken a major step to support the stability of small and micro businesses. Over the past three weeks, an incredible R$860 million in debt has been renegotiated. This movement is part of the program Small business developmentWhich began operations on May 13 of this year.

The program targets individual micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, and focuses on those with total annual revenues of up to R$4.8 million. The initiative aims not only to facilitate debt repayment, but also to enhance the growth and sustainability of this vital sector of the national economy.

Caixa and Banco do Brasil in small business development

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The program offers special renegotiation terms. Banco do Brasil stands out in this scenario with renegotiations amounting to R$500 million for about ten thousand clients. Among the benefits offered are discounts of up to 20% on interest rates for payments of up to 120 months and up to 96% on cash settlements for defaulted transactions.

Meanwhile, Caixa Econômica Federal is also showing great signs of support, with the amount of R$360 million renegotiated and benefiting about a thousand customers. For those who choose to pay in cash, Caixa offers a discount of up to 90%. Furthermore, the installment period can extend for up to 120 months, with a grace period of up to twelve months before repayment begins.

The economic and social impact of the program

The implementation of Desenrola Pequenos Negócios not only resonates in business, but is directly linked to the resumption of financial dignity, explains Tarciana Medeiros, President of Banco do Brasil. It reiterates that such measures are necessary to generate employment and income, positively impacting all regions of the country.

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The impact of these renegotiations, although recent, promises a wave of revitalization among small businesses, strengthening the national economic structure. In times of uncertainty, initiatives such as the Desenrola Pequenos Negócios are vital to ensuring economic sustainability and the continued development of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

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