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Thousands of competitors supporters Pedro Castillo e Keiko Fujimori They took to the streets on Saturday (26), in Another day to wait for the official announcement of the presidential election result Act Peru, in a blurry image that lasts 20 days.

Castillo celebrates victory in Peru, but Fujimori complains about tally fraud

Castillo celebrates victory in Peru, but Fujimori complains about tally fraud

The June 6 vote ended by a very narrow margin for socialist Pedro Castillo, but right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori questions the validity of a set of votes. Learn more in the video above.

Castillo’s supporters marched through the center of Lima near the headquarters of the Electoral Court. The demonstrators raised posters demanding that the left-wing candidate be declared the winner. He finished the counting with 44,000 votes. Some have accused Keiko – the daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori – of trying to plot a coup.

Supporters of Keiko Fujimori urge “respect for my vote” at a protest in Lima, Peru, this Saturday (26) – Photo: Gerardo Marin/Reuters

Nearby, thousands of Keiko Fujimori supporters carried flags and set up a platform where the candidate spoke. Right-wing hardliners have accused Castillo of swindling votes and putting up posters saying “No to Communism,” and he is already the leftist candidate Declared that he is not a communist.

No wrongdoing has been proven so far, and international monitors, including بما United State, they said that The elections were held cleanly as a “model of democracy”.

Leftist Pedro Castillo and rightist Keiko Fujimori compete in the second round of Peru’s presidential election – Photo: Ernesto Benevides/AFP and Gian Masco/AFP

Peru’s electoral process became more tense this week after one of the four judges on the court reviewing the cast of votes cast by Kiko resigned. This was seen as a maneuver by a more right-sided judge to delay the announcement of the result.

This Saturday, the court opened a new judge. The head of the National Jury, Jorge Salas, criticized attempts to obstruct the elections. “Electoral justice cannot be paralyzed or blocked, let alone at this point in the process,” he said.

“These disabling arts will not thrive,” Salas warned.

Questionable ballot papers will continue to be reviewed from Monday. Only after a full review will the official result be announced.

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