Sunday celebration of the Italian League, the sports league on alert in the government

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On Sunday (11) Italy will see a huge emotional day in sport, which made the government launch an alert for the potential risks of overcrowding and a lack of respect for health standards.
In addition to the European Nations Cup final against England, at 4 pm (GMT), the country will stop a few hours before to follow the decision of the Grand Slam tournament in Wimbledon between Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini and Serbian world leader Novak Djokovic.
As Azzurah continues to claim her second European title and return to glory after the failure of the 2018 World Cup, Berrettini is the first Italian in history to reach the Wimbledon final, the most traditional tournament in world tennis.
Tomorrow will be an extraordinary journey for Italian sport.
The European Football Championship and Wimbledon Championships will be over, with the Azzurri as the main champions. Italy’s Health Minister, Roberto Speranza, said on Saturday (10).
But he warned that “these moments of national pride” cannot make people forget that “the match to defeat Covid has not yet been won.” “Let’s support our heroes responsibly, remember the rules of distancing and wear masks properly,” he added.
Italy recorded several fan gatherings during the euro period, and the government was showing concern about the spread of the delta variant of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, which already accounts for one in five new cases of Covid in the country.
In addition, many countries, such as the United Kingdom, have recorded outbreaks of the variant spread from crowds of fans in recent weeks. “I ask people to at least wear a mask. It’s okay to celebrate, but with common sense,” said Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, who prevented the installation of a large screen in the city to monitor the match.
Italy is already seeing a rebound in daily coronavirus cases, although it is still far from the peak and with deaths showing a downward trend – there were 1,400 infections and 12 deaths on Saturday.
About 40% of the population has already been fully vaccinated, preventing an explosion in epidemic numbers. .

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