Streaming Guide: 5 Movies About Plane Crash Survivors You Should Watch | Pop art

Streaming Guide: 5 Movies About Plane Crash Survivors You Should Watch |  Pop art

Films about plane crash survivors

A plane crash can be the starting point for a speculative film with just one actor, a drama with moral dilemmas, or a romantic comedy.

It's the kind of situation that fascinates people and could also be the beginning of a coming-of-age story about a group of kids or a typical man vs. nature movie.

Below, the G1 list Five of the best films with plane survivors. All are available on streaming platforms.

5) Stalking (HBO Max)

Liam Neeson in The Chase – Image: Disclosure

“The Chase” is your typical Liam Neeson action movie. A plane crashed with him and five other people in Alaska. Together they must fight bloodthirsty wolves. The movie isn't as bad as this summary.

4) Six days and seven nights (Najma+/Globoplay)

Harrison Ford and Anne Heche in “Six Days, Seven Nights” – Photo: Disclosure

“Six Days, Seven Nights” is a fun romantic comedy with good action scenes. The pair consists of a sharp reporter (Anne Heche) and a grumpy pilot (Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford).

3) Snow Association (Netflix)

A scene from the movie “Snow Society” – Image: Disclosure

“Snow Society” retells the incredible true story of the survivors of the plane that crashed in the Andes in 1972. The acting and special effects are excellent. The film has some exaggerated parts, but it is worth watching.

2) Lord of the Flies (prime video)

A scene from the movie “Lord of the Flies”, 1990 – Image: Reveal

1) The outcast (globoplay)

Tom Hanks in a scene from the movie Castaway – Image: Disclosure

“The Cast Away” is perhaps the greatest classic of all survival films. Tom Hanks lost the Oscar to Russell Crowe's 2001 film Gladiator, but he's flawless as an engineer stranded after a plane crash for several years.

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