Storm Bobbet has killed at least two people in Scotland

Storm Bobbet has killed at least two people in Scotland

Storm Bobbet wreaks havoc in northern Europe. There are at least two deaths to mourn in Scotland


In Scotland, at least two people died, one in the Highlands when a river overflowed its banks and another in Angus when a tree fell on the vehicle he was driving. The effects of Storm Bobbet were felt even before it had passed, which also blew through Portugal in northern Europe. The Scottish authorities were forced to leave. Schools in the worst affected areas were closed.

On Thursday, UK authorities issued a red alert – the highest weather warning level, the first in three years – for parts of Scotland, where “exceptional rain” is expected over the next two days, which is expected to cause extensive flooding and “cause danger”. Life”.

Officials have called for maximum alert in countries across the region due to rain and strong winds.

A Danish meteorologist spoke of “a kind of historic event”, the worst storm in more than a century. Even stronger winds are forecast for the eastern part of the Jutland Peninsula and the Danish islands in the Baltic Sea.

In neighboring Sweden, meteorologists have warned of the risk of major flooding that could limit access to roads and railways along the Scandinavian country’s southern coast. According to Swedish meteorologists, water levels are expected to start receding from Saturday morning.

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