Storm Babette hits Europe and causes casualties

Storm Babette hits Europe and causes casualties

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In the United Kingdom, aid and relief did not arrive in time for some who died from the force and destruction of the storm. In Northern Europe, when the situation was dire, people helped each other.

Storm Bobbet kills at least three in the United Kingdom. Rain and strong winds have now moved east: the storm is hitting countries bordering the Baltic Sea, including Germany and Scandinavia.

It’s raining. The wind is blowing at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Here, in northern Germany, a red alert was issued on Saturday for an area already bathed by the Baltic Sea.

The same happened in southern Sweden and Denmark, where residents were ordered to stay at home and not go near coastal areas.

The Danish Army was called in to assist in the countermeasures. Everything done here has one goal: to prevent flooding.

South of Copenhagen, ahead of Sweden, everyone can help.

This is something that has never happened before in the United Kingdom, where Storm Bobbet claimed many lives, flooded thousands of homes and isolated many areas.

The situation was worse in the north-east of Scotland. A river has risen four and a half meters above its normal level.

In helping the people, the relief teams had to use the waterfall routes. Rail links were severed. Businesses and public services, including schools, were closed due to the storm.

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