Stingrays that would have become pregnant without contact with males are infected with a venereal disease Biodiversity

Stingrays that would have become pregnant without contact with males are infected with a venereal disease  Biodiversity

Charlotte, perhaps the most famous stingray in the world, has fallen ill, officials at the aquarium where the animal lives in the United States announced. Stingray became known After ECCO Team Aquarium and Shark Laboratory announced in February, she became pregnant without having any sexual intercourse with a male, a phenomenon known as parthenogenesis. But as the months passed, and there were no puppies, speculation arose. Now, the aquarium has issued a statement saying that “Charlotte has contracted a rare disease that has negatively affected her reproductive system,” but it did not address whether or not Rai was actually pregnant at the beginning of the year.

“We apologize for the delay in updates on Charlotte. This time was necessary to collect data and analyze lab and test results. Our priority is to focus on Charlotte's health and well-being. We will work with and be guided by veterinarians and specialists to better understand this disease and treatment options for Charlotte. Although research into this The disease is limited, but we hope that Charlotte's condition and medical treatment will contribute positively to science and benefit other radiologists in the future.

The statement ends by thanking the public for their continued support and asking for the respect of the Stingray and its care team as they continue to “navigate this unexpected news and work to determine the best path forward.”

How did Charlotte become famous?

Pregnant stingrays carry their young on their backs and sides, and when Charlotte began showing the same symptoms, aquarium staff were puzzled, because the animal had not been near a male stingray in many years.

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It was speculated that Charlotte could have mated with male sharks that passed through her tank, which was later shown to not be possible due to DNA incompatibility. It was then that the theory arose that it would be the first round ray to exhibit parthenogenesis, or reproduction without fertilization of the egg. They are common among small invertebrates and fish, and this method of asexual reproduction has been documented in more than 80 species.

However, it has now been revealed that Charlotte actually suffers from a disease in her reproductive system, although the aquarium has not revealed the exact disease. Possibilities include enlarged uterus and polycystic ovaries.

One 2019 study Published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research examined 48 stingrays kept in aquariums and found that 65% of these animals “had severe or advanced reproductive diseases.” In comparison, no disease was detected in 12 wild stingrays and 34 semi-wild stingrays, the latter kept in controlled lakes, the research showed.

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