#StarWarsDay: Discover the sports stars to love this saga | football

#StarWarsDay: Discover the sports stars to love this saga |  football

May the force be with you! May 4th is #StarWarsDay, a date that celebrates everything related to the film series that George Lucas created and this happens. ”A long time ago in a galaxy so far away. “. Do you think lightsaber and X wings are incompatible with the sport? Well, you are so wrong!

Tom Brady visited the park after the title – 2x!

Since 1987, Disney has jointly run a marketing campaign with the NFL in which the Super Bowl MVP is received in one of the complex’s parks. Stamped character from this tradition, as could not be otherwise, Tom Brady.

Tom Brady visited a Star Wars theme park twice! Photo: Disclosure

The star has already been voted the best player on the field in the NFL Grand Final five times and the four times has literally followed the tradition. In the last two titles (2019 and 2021), he visited the Star Wars theme park and donned a Jedi outfit alongside Julian Edelman, his companion and team at the time!

Tom Brady is dressed as a Jedi, but competitors think he’s a Seth …- Image: A clone

Future Millennium Falcon driver: Lewis Hamilton?

In 2015, the pilot participated in a BBC program in which many guests played characters from the Star Wars universe, aiming to collect donations for underprivileged children in the UK.

Hamilton revealed during the post that he watched movies as a child with his older sisters and is still a fan of the series. The pilot has already visited George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and in 2016 posted a photo with the Yoda doll used on the recordings of the original trilogy.

Lewis Hamilton Jidai would be excellent. Photo: Play / Instagram

Djokovic left himself away by the dark side of the Force

Novak Djokovic wears a Darth Vader mask in 2012 – Photo: Dean Mohtaropoulos / Getty Images

Shortly after Disney announced in 2012 that new films would be produced in the series, Novak Djokovic decided to enter court with a Darth Vader mask at the Masters 1000’s premiere in Paris. The result was not good.

Even the Serbian won the first set 6-0 over American Sam Koeri, but ended up losing 7/6 and 6/4, after being eliminated from the competition. The dark side of power certainly does not pay.

Storm Soldiers scare Luca Doncic

The Mavs star apparently just thought she was a supermodel in Storm Troopers’ armor and was stunned when someone moved. Rest assured, Luca, if the movie teaches us anything, it’s not that dangerous!

Aaron Rodgers is another fan of movies!

Aaron Rodgers is a player who is not afraid to knock out his seasoned squad. The Green Bay Packers midfielder was an additional player in the Game of Thrones episode, made a showcase of games in the US, and of course, he loves Star Wars.

Rodgers has already talked about being a fan of “ewoks”, the characters who appeared in Return of the Jedi, and in 2017 he regretted not being able to go to the premiere of “The Last Jedi” because it was a week of Packers playing it. Rodgers loves Star Wars so much that his Instagram profile picture is a caricature of him dressed as a Jedi knight:

Aaron Rodgers brings his love of Star Wars to Instagram – Photo: Playback / Instagram

The Lopez brothers fixed the historical series bug

Every Star Wars fan knows that the original trilogy has a major flaw. In the first movie, after Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, then-Jedi trainee and Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) were honored by the Rebel Alliance and awarded medals – while Chewbacca was left empty-handed, which is ridiculous!

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