Staff talks about Auto da Compadecida 2

Staff talks about Auto da Compadecida 2

The legacy of Fernanda Montenegro. Tais Araujo said he met the actress by chance and the two talked about the Virgin and the importance of her many representations. “We talk about forgiveness, mercy and compassion. Feelings in our imagination,” he said. According to Tice, audiences will see another representation of the Virgin in “O Auto da Compadecida 2.” “You can’t replace Doña Fernanda,” he said.

the acting. In the first film, Jesus Christ is a black man, played by Mauricio Gonsalves. Now, Tayce Araujo lives the Virgin Mary. “Black populations have always been underrepresented in national cinema. Of course we have films like City of God, but we don’t want to be represented in one way because that puts us in a place devoid of subjectivity.”

Selton Mello and Matheus Nachtergaele participate in CCXP to promote “O Auto da Compadecida 2” Photo: Leo Franco/Agnews

The actress reiterates that the black population cannot be represented only as people killed in slums. He concluded by saying: “We want to see the wealth that slum dwellers bring. We are not the bad guys, we are the wealth of this country.”

Joao Grillo and Chico became legends. Silton says the story and script are original, but they respect the world of Ariano Soasuna. “This gave us the courage to rebound,” he added.

Even twenty years later, the characters’ signature phrases still haunt the actors. “I’m going through something so crazy in my life, I can’t say ‘I don’t know’ anymore. Everywhere I go, someone looks at me and finishes the sentence,” Selton-Mello said.

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