Spotify's podcasts are gaining space for video uploads

Spotify's podcasts are gaining space for video uploads

Carolina Huertas
July 12, 2022 – 1:11 pm

This function has been available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK since April of this year. (Credit: Disclosure)

Spotify has announced the expansion of its video podcast feature for creators in Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico. This functionality has been available to podcasters in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK since April of this year.

Now, Brazilian users will be able to watch the podcast in the foreground with the video in full screen, listen to the audio only, leave the video in the background or switch between the two formats. This feature is available for all Spotify plans and players: app, web player, most smart TVs, and video game consoles.

In addition to creating new episodes on video, podcasters will also be able to embed video files into their podcasts already on the network. To upload videos, creators need access to Anchor, Spotify's free podcast editing and distribution platform.

The launch was announced at an event held on Monday, September 11 on Spotify Brasil, with a presentation by presenters Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta from PodDelas. The platform announced that programs such as Ticaraticast by Marvio Lucio (Carioca) and Marcos Chiesa (Bola); Quinta Misteriosa, by Jacqueline Guerrero; LTDA Intelligence by Ruggero Villella; The Black Box by Arthur Joubert and Pedro Samanioto; DiaCast by Gabe Fernandez and Rafa Dias; PocCats by Rafa Uccman and Lucas Guedez already have their own podcasts with video on Spotify.

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Spotify had made the video function available for the first time in Brazil and Latin America in January of this year with Podpah de Verão, a special project of the network with Podpah, a podcast presented by Igão and Mítica, with 7 episodes with video.

In April of this year, Javier Pinol, Director of Spotify Studios in Latin America and US Latin, spoke in an interview with Meio & Mensagem about the platform's plans for new features, expectations and strategies.

In the United States, we realize that giving the consumer the opportunity to see the true, easy expression of the creator, the nuances that can occur at a given moment in a conversation, the hidden smile, the sarcastic smile, has value to the consumer. “We tested this tool a year ago and it performed very well, and now is the right time to launch it in all markets,” Javier said.


In addition to video, podcasts now also contain a question box, with the goal of increasing listener engagement with creators. However, it is not yet possible to stream live content on the platform, only include already recorded content.

New programming

To accommodate the new tool, Spotify has brought new features to the platform's software. As Spotify's first original podcast with video, Bocas Ordinárias will debut next Tuesday, the 19th, and will bring together weekly professor and former bbb João Luiz Pedrosa, YouTuber Pathy dos Reis, rapper and composer MC Soffia, publisher Julio Beltrão, and podcaster Beto Estrada. With guest character. On the same day, the Exclusivo Spotify Podcast Psicologia na Practica, which held the top spot on the Podcasts Chart in Brazil for five weeks in February of this year, also received the video.

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