Sportv’s viewership increased by 1,308% during the group stage of the Women’s World Cup

Sportv’s viewership increased by 1,308% during the group stage of the Women’s World Cup

Hey Globo Group It recorded good audience ratings after the end of the group stage Women’s World Cup from FIFA, last Thursday (3). Regarding games Brazilthe Earth The average audience size for the track doubled (from 7am to 10am), according to Kantar Ibope Media. The channel is now closed Sportif It registered a growth of 1,308% with respect to the time period.

In total, both channels reached a total of 49.8 million unique viewers. Both TV Globo and Sportv recorded record participation compared to previous editions of the Women’s Cup.

The Brazilian national team’s third and final match in the tournament, on National Television (PNT), which measures viewership in the country’s 15 main venues, was the highest audience for a women’s football match since the 2019 Women’s Cup final, with 17 matches. Points on Globo TV. Furthermore, the game achieved the highest match-time television viewership in 21 years (during Wednesday morning), as well as Sportv’s highest share of the year (57%) among pay TV channels.

During the Brazil matches, Sportive attracted 3.4 million viewers, with an average of 1.5 million per match. In the other matches, without Brazilian participation, Sportif gathered 6.1 million people, with an average of 600 thousand per match. The early morning range, from 0am to 6am, showed 200% growth, compared to the period before the start of the World Cup.


to choose weThe oldest winner in the history of the Women’s World Cup with four victories will not be on the podium. North America was overtaken this Sunday (6) by Sweden, in a match that reached 6 rating points over Globo, increasing the squad’s average by 20% compared to the previous four Sundays.

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In the globoplayConsumption in Brazil’s first three matches in the World Cup exceeded this consumption recorded in the previous edition of the tournament by seven times. The duel against Jamaica which Witnessed the elimination of Brazil, had the highest audience and highest consumption on TV Globo this year in the time slot of the match. On the GE portal, between July 20 and August 2, videos related to the Women’s Cup had an average time of consumption per user 123% longer than men’s soccer content.

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