Sports tourism in Ceará grows and strengthens the economy of the municipalities

Sports tourism in Ceará grows and strengthens the economy of the municipalities

More than 400,000 Brazilian and foreign tourists who visited Ceará in 2022 said they traveled to the state to engage in sporting activity, among other things. Ceará is often cited as a reference in the promotion of adventure tourism, with its paradisiacal scenery and strong winds making Ceará among the favorite destinations of windsurfers. Of different nationalities. This substance was highlighted in a report issued by the Brazilian News Agency this week.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Iruana Albuquerque, the state government is working to attract more and more tourists in the sports and adventure sector. “This makes us realize the importance of this sector and that we are working to ensure that the country’s promotion of sports and adventure tourism is increasingly assertive.”he declares.

Ceará has begun to invest in the promotion of its action sports attractions, with marketing initiatives at important sporting events, such as XP Sertões Kitesurf, This year’s long-running race brought together kitesurfers from Argentina, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Turkey. Furthermore, the municipality of Caucaya hosted the world’s largest kitesurfing parade, Kiteparade 2023, and entered the Guinness Book of World Records, the book of world records.

The initiative and investment achieved qualitative results for the state, which led to strengthening the economy of some municipalities, including those that are generally ignored by tourists. “Over the past ten years, there has been a notable real estate expansion in some coastal areas frequented by people interested in practicing action sports, especially windsurfing. With the greater influx of people, there has also been an improvement in the quality of equipment, services and tourist reception.highlights Irwana.

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Sports tourism

According to the statistical yearbook issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Ceara jumped from seventh place to fourth place in 2021. In addition to Ceará, other Brazilian states also benefited from a national campaign that sought to promote the country as an adventure and sports tourism destination. The head of the Brazilian International Tourism Promotion Agency (Emperator), Marcelo Freixo, highlighted the state’s great potential in the field of adventure tourism, which is a major attraction for foreign tourists. “We know that international tourists are very much looking for experiential tourism, gastronomy and culture, and Ceará as a whole, along with the capital Fortaleza, is very strong in this area. Our goal is to think about how we can keep tourists in these destinations for longer.Highlights.

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