Sony is showing off a 'vision of the future' for the PlayStation console

Sony is showing off a 'vision of the future' for the PlayStation console

The future PlayStation console is shown in a new video released by Sony during a company strategy meeting.

Sony used the annual event to outline its “Vision for Creative Entertainment,” which it describes as its long-term vision of where it “wants to be in 10 years, with a focus on future technological advancements.”

The video can be viewed below (via VGC), includes a brief look at the futuristic controller used to control a character flying through space.

“Ten years from now, we will live in a more layered world, where physical and virtual reality are infinitely intertwined,” says the official description accompanying the video. “If Sony, as a creative entertainment company, fills the world with the new Kando in this future, what kind of experiential value will we provide to make it happen? To explore this question, we undertook a prototyping exercise under the concept of ‘Creative Entertainment Vision.’ Through the lens of creativity Sony and its technologies, here we present the future as an extension of our lives today.

Sony said there are three phases in its creative entertainment vision. And in their own words:

1) Leveraging technology to unleash the creativity of creators around the world, transcending physical, virtual and temporal dimensions.
2) Connecting diverse people and values ​​across borders to foster vibrant communities.
3) Collaborating with creators, create exciting experiences rich with narratives that transcend imagination and deploy them as new touchpoints for Kando around the world.

Finally, at this same meeting, Sony said it was satisfied with PS5 sales (via X):

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“I think PlayStation has been very successful as a current console” – Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida

“I think we are quite satisfied with the results” – Sony President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki

Sony's creative vision for entertainment

Sony 2024 strategy meeting

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