Sonia Abrau slams Gkay over the costs of the next ‘Farofa’ movie: ‘Stop being sarcastic’

Sonia Abrau slams Gkay over the costs of the next 'Farofa' movie: 'Stop being sarcastic'


Sonia Abrau used the space of her show to criticize Gakkai and the announced cost of her concert, which will be about R$8 million.

Sonia Abram has been highly critical of the cost of the next "Farova da Jkai"
© Reproduction / RedeTV / Instagram @gessicakayaneSonia Abrau has criticized the cost of the upcoming “Farofa da Gkay” movie

In her spontaneous way, Sonia Abram He did not hesitate to comment on the announced cost of 8 million Brazilian riyals for the upcoming “Farofa da Gkay” concert, a party that achieved a lot at the end of last year. Presenter RedeTV! This Monday (23) Jojo Todynho stories in which the “A Fazenda” reality show winner has said she will not be participating in the event.when he decided to express his opinion on it.

Look, to say you’re going to spend R$8 million on a party, in a country where people are dying of starvation, is a lack of conscience.. If it’s that strong, spend 4 [milhões]which seem to cost the party, and the other four help with a social plan to distribute food to the needy,” explained the journalist who runs “A Tarde é Sua” at the São Paulo station.

she continued: “I don’t think it suits a moment like this, so delicate and difficult. We are in a country where people are unemployed and starving. He said you’ll spend R$8 million, mouth it in order to turn your conscience over and stop being cynical.”

Indirect to Cátia Fonseca

Also this Monday (23), Sonia Abrau sent a live, indirect show to her rival, Katia Fonseca, who brings “The Best of the Evening” to the band.. It all started when, last week, Katya denied the information provided by Alessandro Lo Bianco, the columnist who works with Sonia on the show, Who had ensured in his participation that the first tests that Fatima Bernardis performed in front of “The Voice Brasil” were bad. Recently, Globo announced that the “Encontro” leader will be leaving gravity after 10 years and moving to musical reality.

Commenting on the information provided by the journalist on RedeTV!, Katya made no secret of her disapproval of the “fake news” and shot into the air: “We even got stuck” in the off position “here, it’s not real in history,” she said, without naming names.. On today’s show, Sonia did not let it go and responded to the challenger: when Lo Bianco was greeted at her seat for the traditional exchange of conversations on the most important topics in the celebrity world, the journalist fired: “Give her another one for people to deny. I think that’s beautiful, beautiful. The competition is scary,” she said sarcastically.

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