Sometimes US and UK policies seem stuck in place. Not this year.

Sometimes US and UK policies seem stuck in place.  Not this year.

In his attempt to rally the Conservative base, Sunak has been issuing statements that echo the anti-immigration themes raised by Brexit campaigners in 2016. To stem the flow of small boats crossing the English Channel, he has spent much of his term promoting a plan. To place asylum seekers on one-way flights to Rwanda. It is expensive, much criticized and unrealized, and has much in common with Trump's border wall.

“This was a Trump moment for us,” said Kim Darroch, a former British ambassador to Washington. “But given Keir Starmer’s legacy, it cannot be ruled out that someone on the right wing of the Conservative Party could take advantage of a weak Labor government to return to power in four or five years’ time.”

However, Brexit, which was decided in a 2016 referendum but has dominated British politics for years afterward, barely figures in 2024. Analysts say this reflects voter exhaustion, and the Conservatives' recognition that Brexit has hurt the British economy. Britain's acceptance. Won't be back any time soon.

said Chris Patten, the former Hong Kong governor and Conservative politician who headed the party in 1992, when it overcame an electoral deficit to secure a surprise victory over Labour.

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