Solana announced the investment in Brazil and said the country is a hub for cryptocurrency expansion

Solana announced the investment in Brazil and said the country is a hub for cryptocurrency expansion

During the global Breakpoint event organized by Solana, which was held in the Netherlands, the cryptocurrency made the announcement Brazil is the focus of the project’s expansion operations and will make investments in the country.

“The Solana Foundation is investing in Latin America, and Brazil is a very important point in this movement. We are supporting our partners like Circle to expand in the region. “This is one of the biggest differentiators of Solana – we work with teams from our ecosystem to grow together and take the best blockchain projects to markets. New,” commented Diego Dias, Head of Latam at Solana Foundation and responsible for the Superteam DAO in the region.

Dias said that he cannot yet talk about the investments that will be implemented in the country. However, information shared with Cointelegraph suggests that Solana is monitoring the possibilities Drex’s interoperability with the DeFi world and the country’s RWA token capabilities is a priority for the Brazilian Central Bank.

On the last day of the event, a panel discussion entitled “Payments on Solana, the Digital Commerce Revolution” was held. Highlight the potential of blockchain to transform digital payment and commerce systemsto. With a special session on the migration of the helium project to the Solana network, with the aim of bringing this ecosystem to Brazil.

At the event, Solana also announced that his data will now be available Available on Google Cloud BigQuery, the serverless data warehouse in Google Cloud. Google Cloud BigQuery is a feature that gives anyone, from developers to entrepreneurs to enterprises, access to file data and analytical insights.

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The multi-chain NFT Floor marketplace already uses BigQuery To analyze Solana NFTs sold on its Google Cloud BigQuery platform.

“Adding Solana to the BigQuery Public Dataset Program is a major milestone in the ecosystem’s mission to provide Web3 developers and consumers with the insights they need to build more efficiently and creatively on Solana,” said Dan Albert, CEO of the BigQuery Foundation for Solana.

Visa and Solana

During Breakpoint, the Solana Foundation announced the launch of Firedancer testnet, a new validator client for Solana, seeking to increase speed, reliability, and reduce hardware requirements for validators. The project was developed by Jump Crypto and is now available on GitHub.

Katherine Gu, head of protocol and central bank digital currency research at Visa, was also on stage talking about the future of finance and blockchain. Catherine said Visa has been testing USDC since 2021 and chose Solana to send stablecoin payments because it is a high-performance blockchain, with high speed and low costs.

Trevor Harris-Jones has revealed that Render Network, the global leader in decentralized computing, has successfully moved its core infrastructure from Ethereum to Solana.

Sling provided the peer-to-peer payment platform, which runs on USDC. Imagine a world where you can make instant transactions with each other, practically for free. This is what Mike Hudak imagined.

As Cointelegraph reported, the winners of the Hyperdrive Challenges were also announced at the event. Brazilian project Firethree took fourth place in the global rankings in the “Infrastructure” category and won US$10,000.

Firethree was also one of the winners of an exclusive award for participants from Brazil, which was offered for the first time in the history of the Solana Hackathon due to the importance of the country in its expansion.

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Brazilian startup Web3Dev and CoinFabrik from Argentina have also established a Latin presence on Breakpoint. Web3Dev is one of the largest Web3 development communities in Latin America, and CoinFabrik is a research and development company specializing in blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies.

Both startups received their own space from the Solana Foundation to present their companies and projects on Breakpoint.

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