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Actress Cocoa Protasio is still in the hospital (Photo: Disclosure)

Cocoa Protásio will need to undergo a new surgery and the situation worries fans

actress Protas Cocoa, Who was hospitalized on March 31, will need to undergo a new emergency surgery later this week.

According to information from the famous press office, which details the health condition of the actress, who was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and already underwent surgery last week, the actress will need to undergo another surgery.

Cacau is still taking antibiotics and waiting for a second surgery. You should probably do that between tomorrow and Wednesday. It’s okay, with the clinical picture on schedule. We just need to close the surgical cycle. “The other day I participated in the hospital’s third mercy, via the Internet,” the chancellor said in a text message sent to the press.

After the statement, many fans of Cacau Protásio sent positive messages to the actress. Someone said, “Only God will help.” Another commented, “I hope things will be fine soon.” Another one wished “everything will be fine”.

The actress had to undergo an emergency surgery (Photo: Childbearing)
The actress had to undergo an emergency surgery (Photo: Childbearing)

Celebrities follow in the hospital

Last Tuesday, April 6, Cacau Protásio underwent a successful surgery. The celebrity’s press office explained that she would need to stay in the hospital until she fully recovered.

Still in the statement, the actress’ team thanked the audience for their love and prayers at this very delicate moment in Cacau Protásio’s life.

“Cocoa is fine, recovering from minor surgery. She stayed in hospital until she made a full recovery. Cocoa thanks the sentiments of everyone who cares and sends messages. And that they keep praying for patients in this difficult moment.”And the Books advisory office Cocoa Protasio.

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